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Heart Wind Chime - Love - Blue Glass

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These heart shaped blue Glass Wind Chimes are handmade in Indonesia by skilled artisans using recycled glass and driftwood. They are a part of our Wind Chimes collection. The chimes are great way of upcycling waste glass, also making a great eco gift. 

The sound of glass is very delicate and charming - hanging glass chimes provide a gentle, peaceful, tinkling noise when they catch the wind.  Many people believe that wind chimes protect the surroundings from evil spirits and negative energy. These glass driftwood chimes are ready to hang; you can use it both indoors or outdoors.

*Handmade upcycled art, ready to display*.

Product Specifications:

Origin: Indonesia

Weight: 0.24Kg

Dimensions: 30x60(cm)

Materials: Wood, Glass

Heart Wind Chime - Love - Blue Glass - Charming Spaces
Heart Wind Chime - Love - Blue Glass Sale price£31.95