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Tibetan Singing Bowl - Five Buddha- 10cm -Brass

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Stunning Tibetan Singing Bowl Made of Brass

This beautiful piece is a part of our Singing Bowls collection.

The number Five holds tremendous significance in nearly all Buddhist traditions. It refers to the colours, the five senses, the Five Wisdoms, the five elements and this is all expressed in the five Buddhas.  

Singing Bowls produce sounds which invoke a state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation.

This singing bowl has been hand made in Nepal by traditional artisan craft people.

It comes in a nice box making an ideal gift. Set includes the bowl, an authentic cushion and a wood stick.

Product Specifications: 

Origin: Nepal

Weight: min 400gm

Shipping Weight: 0.65Kg

Dimensions: 13x8 (cm)

Material: Brass