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Fire Pit with Grill for Garden 56cm 3 in 1

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Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Bucket in One! This fire pit is made of heat resistant metal and has anti-rust coating. It has excellent wear resistance, is not easy to rust, and will not deform. The entire fire bowl is supported by 4 legs, making it less prone to shaking during use. The iron legs are connected by a circular shape to provide even distribution of forces.

The practical spark shield is equipped with fine holes above it, which can not only prevent the burning embers from blowing away, but also ensure the smooth passage of air to make it burn well. There is a ring on the top of the net cover, and you can use a fire poker to stir the fire or adjust the wood/charcoal or open the net cover, which is safe and convenient.

Product Specifications

56 L x 56 W x 52 H centimetres

Fuel Type: Wood / charcoal

1 x Fire Cover

1 x Grill

1 x Fire Hook

Assembly Required: Yes